Israel Government Tourism Office China

Israel Government Tourism Office China

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Israel – Land of Creation, the place where it all began.Israel combines modernity and innovation with thousands of years’ old tradition and history. One may enjoy great variety of attractions our country has to offer to its guests. Enjoy Comfortable Mediterranean weather, historic and cultural attractions of ancient cities, young and vibrant atmosphere of Tel Aviv, serenity of Negev desert and the uniqueness of the Dead Sea. IGTO China welcomes our Chinese friends to visit Israel for tourism, education and endless business opportunities. Israel Government Tourism Office China Main responsibilities:1. Cooperate with travel agencies to promote Israeli travel products2. Organize PR event3. Media publicity

“小身材”的以色列每年都吸引着百万的各地游客前来参观度假,在特拉维夫感受摩登与现代,在耶路撒冷穿梭于历史与文化当中,漂浮在死海中放松身体与心灵。快跟随我们一同探索精彩、真实的以色列,领略这个“大国家”的多样风采!以色列国家旅游部主要职责:1. 与旅行社合作推广以色列旅游产品2. 组织公关活动3. 负责中国地区的媒体宣传



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