America Int`l Travel Services Inc.

America Int`l Travel Services Inc.

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America Int’l Travel Services Inc. was established in 2003 in San Francisco, USA. We have operation team, bus fleet and tour guide team totaling over 200 employees in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. We have very good relationships with tourism bureaus of States/Cities, destinations and world brand hotels. We are one of the largest wholesalers of China-to-US market in east China and serve over 20, 000 travelers each year.

With systematic management and organization in both the U.S. and China, AITS is always doing business based on Attitude, Insistence, Teamwork and Self-inspection principle. We are awarded and admired a lot in the industry. We were selected as one of the world's top travel buyers by the U.S. Travel and Brand USA in both 2017 and 2018.

美国国际旅行社有限公司,于2003年成立于美国旧金山,在洛杉矶、纽约拥有分公司,全美的操作团队、巴士团队、导游团队共计200余人。公司与美国各州、市旅游局,各旅游行业协会、目的地景点和各大品牌国际知名酒店集团一直保持良好的合作关系。年接待游客超过2万人。由于我们在美国和中国均拥有自己健全的操作体系,十年如一日的坚持AITS的经营理念:Attitude(态度)、Insistence(坚持)、Teamwork(团队协作)、Self-inspection(自检),于2017和2018年连续获得由美国旅游协会&美国旅游推广局共同颁发的Chairman's circle honors 美国旅游主席圈全球顶级旅行社荣誉。


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