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We connect Travel Agencies, Hotels, Marketplaces and many other resellers with Tours & Activities providers, in real time. Addock system is a single access point to the best and the broadest range of reputable and trusted local Tours & Activities providers. Event tickets, including tickets for musicals, sports events and concerts, as well as excursions, sport activities, sightseeing and entries for amusement parks and museums are easy source of new revenues.

我们的工作是为旅行社、酒店、购物平台及许多其他经销商,与旅游活动相关的提供者之间构建一个实时沟通与合作的平台。 Addock系统是唯一一个能够与当地众多信誉最高、最值得信赖的旅游活动相关提供者相连接的切入点。 例如一些活动的票务,包括音乐剧、体育赛事、音乐会、游览观光、体育活动、游乐园和博物馆的门票等都很容易作为新收入的来源。


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  • Reservation and Booking Technologies
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